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50 Caliber Machine Gun looking out the rice paddies and Dai Loc Pass in front of "A" company lines.

Tower and bunkers on "B" company lines

Vehicle know as a "Huskie" used to move patrols around quickly in all types of terrain

North Vietnamese flag aquired days earlier

Bunker on "A" company lines

M79 "Blooper" grenade launcher at the command bunker on "A" company lines

The REAL China Beach

Inserting the detonator into a Claymore Mine out in front of "A" company lines

Placing a Claymore Mine in front of "A" company lines

Attaching the detonator to the det cord for the Claymore

50 Caliber Gun in fighting hole on "A" company lines

50 Caliber Gun in "A" company fighting hole

Brothers at 1st Tank Battalion

Loading at Da Nang Air Base

Mail truck at Da Nang Air Base

Main gate at 11th Motor Transport Battalion

Combo truck staged for convoy

Pace truck...led all convoys

Daily patrol coming in 11th Motors rear gate

Truck after being hit by a 500 lb. command detonated mine

Temporary bridges were common...VC would blow out the bridges often

Combo preparing for convoy

Riding the gun....

25ton tractor

View from lines at base camp

B40 rocket short round that hit the top of the pass

Tower on Bravo company lines

Rice paddies in front of the lines

CH46 Sea Knight helicoptor

Trying to convoy through the Ville

Grunts hitchhiking to An Hoa firebase near Laos